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2. How to boost your businesses with the most trusted and effective form of media

Steve Wild

Where to invest to grow your business can seem like a difficult decision. With multiple marketing verticals out there, looking at effectiveness in a brand safe environment is key. In this session you’ll learn about the most trusted and effective way to advertise. You’ll hear how a breakthrough in technology and data innovation has changed the TV landscape. 

Ryan Crighton, Director of Policy and Marketing at Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce said: “Using AdSmart, we were able to generate a revenue of £250k from the AdSmart campaign with an ROI of more than 10X and it was by far the most effective campaign I’ve ran as 10 years a Marketer”.


  • With the advances of Addressable advertising, along with the depreciation of cookies across digital, more and more businesses are turning to ‘Smart’ TV advertising to help them stand-out and reach their ideal audience.


  • Learn how to reach your ideal audience, reducing wastage so only the right people see your business.
  • Gain insight on how businesses can harnesses data led targeting on TV for maximum business effect.
  • Learn how you can use 1200 targeting attributes to reach your audience.
  • How advertising in a premium brand safe environment is more important than ever.
  • Advertising on some of the nations favourite channels is now affordable and accessible.
  • Hear from some of the 4000+ brands that have made targeted TV a core pillar of their marketing – with a return rate of over 70%.

Our Interactive Breakout Seminar sessions are designed to bring real-life experiences and clear advice to entrepreneurs focused on business growth.

They are included in either your livestream or on-site studio delegate experience and availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis. At 45 minutes long, these sessions are the ideal place to pick-up valuable business learnings and learn from other industry experts who have face similar hurdles to you.

Please note you can either attend our Interactive Breakout Sessions at the Leonardo Royal in person, please Click here for information on venue location.

You can attend virtually on this page at the date/ time of the Interactive Breakout Session, which is free to attend. To attend in-person you will need to obtain an on-site studio pass. For more information on this Click here for tickets.

In-person attendance at Leonardo Royal, St Paul’s, London are strictly on a first come, first serve basis and the amount of in-person seats are limited. Please ensure you book early above to avoid disappointment. Once registered we will send you a reminder via email closer to the session.

Steve Wild, Head of Sales at AdSmart from Sky
Steve is a senior media executive, with a wealth of experience where traditional and non-traditional media connect to solve brand challenges. With a portfolio career in TV media and wider partnerships, he has unique experience, knowledge and relationships to add value to brands. For over 6 years now working at Sky Media on the hottest property in media – AdSmart from Sky – the best in Addressable media. As Head of Sales, he is focused on Local and Development Sale, delivering effective targeted marketing for all and driving commercial value and relationships for brands and agencies alike.