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5. How to use storytelling to increase the discoverability of your business in 2024

Katey McElroy

The session will be an interactive presentation by Katey who will share learnings of businesses like the butcher, baker and candlestick makers who are among 1.5m UK companies using TikTok. The objective is for you to leverage storytelling in your marketing in 2024 to reach customers , engage with more customers, market new products and services, and stand out as a business more clearly.


  • Overview of how storytelling can play a key part in making your business discoverable to reach new customers in 2024


  • Understand the fundamentals storytelling content
  • Learn how to promote your business through educational content
  • How to tap into storytelling trends on TikTok for 2024
  • How to promote your content to get it in front of the right audience
  • Learn how other businesses are using their story to engage with customers

Our Interactive Breakout Seminar sessions are designed to bring real-life experiences and clear advice to entrepreneurs focused on business growth.

They are included in either your livestream or on-site studio delegate experience and availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis. At 45 minutes long, these sessions are the ideal place to pick-up valuable business learnings and learn from other industry experts who have face similar hurdles to you.

Please note you can either attend our Interactive Breakout Sessions at the Leonardo Royal in person, please Click here for information on venue location.

You can attend virtually on this page at the date/ time of the Interactive Breakout Session, which is free to attend. To attend in-person you will need to obtain an on-site studio pass. For more information on this Click here for tickets.

In-person attendance at Leonardo Royal, St Paul’s, London are strictly on a first come, first serve basis and the amount of in-person seats are limited. Please ensure you book early above to avoid disappointment. Once registered we will send you a reminder via email closer to the session.

Katey HeadShot TikTok Colours

Katey McElroy, Strategic Partnership Manager UK, TikTok for Business

TikTok's SMB Strategic Partnership Manager in the UK, Katey McElroy, focuses on educating and inspiring small medium businesses on the benefits of TikTok advertising and how it can help your business grow. TikTok launched in the UK in 2018, and has quickly become home to businesses of all kinds and sizes who use it to reach new audiences and promote their products and services. TikTok is home to a vibrant and engaged global community. Increase online sales, drive app installs, grow your brand awareness, or build a community. TikTok ads support your goals whatever they are.