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5 ways to use Twitter for small business

The majority of online businesses are now using the power of Social Networking to fuel their operation and Twitter is an immense tool in your overall marketing armoury...
11 February, 2014

Here are five ways in which you can make this platform really work for you.

1. Keep reaching out

Don’t wait for clients to find you. Start following businesses and people in your sector right away. If they don’t automatically follow you back then tag them and ask politely if they can reciprocate.

2. Keep content engaging

You only have a limited number of characters for your tweet but that doesn’t mean that they don’t require any thought. Keep your content fresh and entertaining.

3. Keep Linking

Make sure your tweets link back to the relevant page on your website at all times. The purpose of Twitter is to increase your traffic.

4. Keep it business

It’s tempting to use personal tweets when things are slow but remember this is a business tool and you should keep it that way.

5. Keep on keeping on

Twitter will take time to show its true potential but remember how powerful this can be and never give up.