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Scaling up your business from new foundations created by the New Normal

20 October, 2021

Whatever changes have been implemented over the past 18 months; we are now at a plateau in the urgency of reacting to change. At this stage we can review what we have learned and implement new processes to move forwards. We are coming out of lockdowns, the world is getting vaccinated, our children can go back to school, and we can build from these new foundations to secure our future.  

The last 3 months of the year are commonly the busiest. They generate the most profit and the most customer interactions. We have the revenue from Christmas to look forward to, as well as businesses wanting to spend their annual budgets before the year ends. 

These fixed elements of the financial and business calendars can dictate to some degree how we scale up our businesses and in which areas of our business we expand.

Automating basic jobs

It is universally acknowledged that technology is advancing and taking over some jobs previously considered to be “Entry Level”. The Pandemic has forced businesses to look at automating processes, streamlining jobs, and saving money in areas where it can be saved. Technology obviously cannot catch Covid, or whatever the next infection might be, so it is important to look after our tech and make sure that it can cope with sudden change.  The more processes that can be automated, the more money we can save, and put to good use in supporting our staff and jobs that cannot be completed by computers.

Scalable Business; Scalable communications

One of the processes that can be automated is the communications strategy. With Social media posts, scheduled emails and text messages and answer services for your telephone, it is easily possible to focus on your communications strategy to support your growth. Scaling your communications correctly can lead to budget saving processes, an improved customer experience and a more productive sales department. 

Ensuring that your business has a communications platform in place that is flexible, adaptable, and easy to manage can mean more calls, emails, posts, and communications are managed and converted. I mean, who wants to do business with a company that cannot communicate? 

There are several products on the market that can combine all communications into one Hub where customers, sales teams and customer service representatives can collaborate to achieve the positive outcomes your business needs. Ensuring that their telecoms system can keep all lines of communication open has been a challenge that a lot of businesses have struggled with over these past months. 

Through implementing a streamlined communications solution, modern, mobile and distributed workforces will be empowered to communicate, collaborate and connect via any mode, any device, and any location.

Task orientated growth means a more focused approach 

During the lockdowns we have spent a lot of time focusing on achieving the goals necessary to keep businesses going. Pre-pandemic KPI’s were often focused on hours worked, customers contacted, calls made, and sales completed. During the pandemic KPIs as well as business processes have changed to be much more “outcome focused”.  With more people working from home, flexible working hours have been adapted. Task and performance focused monitoring has been implemented across many businesses. If the tasks are completed, it doesn’t really matter how many hours that employees have spent doing them. Maybe people are working for longer, 

Maybe they are working smarter, but the tasks are being completed and the business is continuing to run.

This task orientated approach can lead to more focused decisions being implemented. It is a task orientated approach that comes from the freelance, Gig Economy whereby people are paid for completing tasks in a timely manner. This style of working takes some management, requires focused organization, and needs to have minimal distractions to make it work. The time and money saved on automating processes and communications, can be well used in building foundations for a task orientated workflow to ensure your business can continue to scale.

It stems from solid communication both internally and externally. Whilst it takes good people to do the communicating, it takes robust systems to implement and manage that communication strategy, and to help your business grow from a foundation of good communication that has been tested throughout the pandemic.

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