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Systems to Set You Free

You can’t just go in ad hoc relying on your good looks to carry you through. You need systems and processes or else it’ll just be you in non-stop panic mode until it’s all over.
31 October, 2013


As common with startups as embolisms is an inability to let go. Making your business successful means letting go of control over every detail and making employees accountable for doing their jobs.

Automate the automatable

Implement simple systems for your most essential business processes. Delegate repetitive tasks. Any processes that you can’t fully automate should be batched, including email campaigns, social media campaigns, etc.

Create instruction manuals

Software developers will tell you, “if it ain’t documented it doesn’t exist”.  You should draft how-to procedures, templates, worksheets, sample orders, bills, or other documents, spreadsheets, a workflow chart or software, an FAQ page, and any other information needed to perform the task at hand. Checklists are especially handy to ensure consistency and quality. Each task can be broken into steps and checked off when complete.

Hire employees you can trust and trust your employees

Accept that no system will cover every possible scenario. Trust your team to solve problems they will encounter.

Allow for an error margin

 Things will go wrong in unexpected ways and you will overcome these problems because you are mighty