Chelsey Baker

Chelsey Baker

Chief Executive & Founder National Mentoring Day

Chelsey is a visionary force in the world of mentoring, founding National Mentoring Day, the largest celebration of mentoring in the world and inaugurated in the Houses of Parliament in 2016 by Lord David Young. Chelsey has been instrumental in leading government mentoring projects and her mission is clear: to make mentoring accessible to all.

The annual celebration takes place annually on 27th October to celebrate mentors and mentees and profile the businesses making an impact through mentoring and amplifying their news and stories year-round.

With over two decades as a senior executive in media, television, publishing, communications & PR, Chelsey is hailed as the UK’s top pitching expert. Chelsey has trained CEO’s and leaders globally, equipping them with public speaking, media, and business pitching skills. Her mentoring style has garnered global recognition where she is a sought-after speaker, gracing stages across the world.

Chelsey is a multi-award-winning business mentor with thousands of hours mentoring experience across all sectors. Chelsey has worked with Royalty, Government, celebrities, business leaders and individuals and is passionate about elevating others through mentorship. 

Chelsey’s achievements have earned her many accolades including “Excellence in Enterprise Mentoring Award” at BAFTA, “Influential Woman of the Year,” and “Visionary Woman Serving Humanity” award, reflecting her commitment to empowering individuals and businesses through mentoring.