Deri Llewellyn-Davis

Best-selling author

Best-selling author and UK’s top expert on the high performance organisation and extreme performance.

Deri is an Internationally acclaimed speaker, best-selling author, adventurer and entrepreneur that have consistently defied the odds to do impossible feats both as an adventurer and in business.  

Despite being asthmatic, flat footed and told by experts that he would never run a marathon he completed the toughest footrace on earth, equivalent to 6 marathons in 6 days, through Sahara, and has climbed 6 of the 7 highest peaks in the world, including an epic on Everest. 

All these extreme feats were done while building several multi-million £ businesses while having ample time for family, fun and health. 

He is using his vast experiences to help super achievers and organizations to do the impossible, break barriers and create sustained high performance and momentum without burnout or sacrificing family life. 

In a career spanning two decades, Deri’s business expertise has included roles on elite corporate boards through four billion dollar companies up to European executive board level. 

Also having run several of his own businesses, advising over 300 boards and speaking to thousands of business owners he brings his audiences deep insights with both a global and local perspective. 

Having spoken from Vancouver to Katmandu (literally!). He holds the coveted title of “Fellow” of the Professional Speakers Association.