Julie Wagstaff

Co-owner of ActionCOACH

Julie has been named as one of the “Top 100 Influential Women in Franchising“ and has featured on the panel at the Think and Grow Rich UK premier. 

Julie’s journey hasn’t been straight forward, she had to experience two redundancies and the threat of losing her house before she took control of her future. But when she chose to take action, her life started on the path to an abundance of success, fulfilment and recognition.

Originally trained as a food scientist, Julie moved into technical sales in the dairy industry after her first redundancy in the food industry. When the second round of redundancy hit in 2005, she became disillusioned with working in the sector and toyed with the idea of becoming her own boss, but meanwhile she put her CV on a job site.

That’s when she received a call out of the blue from a business coaching firm called ActionCOACH. She thought if she could become her own boss and help other business owners then it could be the perfect fit. It wasn’t long before Julie was on a flight to Las Vegas for her initial training at ActionCOACH University, becoming a certified business growth specialist. 

Julie first met Ian Christelow – now her life partner as well as business partner – at the September 2006 ActionCOACH UK franchise conference. She knew he was a master licensee for three ActionCOACH regions and they ended up talking about purchasing the London region as a 50:50 partnership. Since then, Julie has built the ActionCOACH brand in the UK alongside Ian, investing millions into the expansion of the business which now supports over 250 Action Coaches. Their most recent investment has been into a production company who are currently filming a new TV series about the business coaching industry. Above all, Julie has managed to maintain her work:life balance and raise her two daughters Cara and Ellen with Ian as well as 4 dogs who are welcomed each day into the office environment.